ACPM: Professional financial manager

A career in finance requires unique management skills and knowledge. They are provided by the "ACPM: Professional financial manager" certification program. In a short time, it allows you to master the intricacies of financial management, budgeting, management analysis and study the theory and practice of company resource management.

The program is suitable for accountants and heads of divisions, auditors, economists, and other financial specialists who wish to improve their qualification level in financial management and management accounting. And also to expand professional prospects in the field of finance.

Requirements for candidates

The certification program provides advanced training. Therefore, basic knowledge in the field of finance is necessary for its completion.

Training program

Key topics

  1. The essence of finance and the system of financial management at the company.
  2. Analysis of financial statements as a basis for making financial decisions.
  3. Financial planning and financial forecasting.
  4. Management analysis: profit maximization methods.
  5. Sources of business financing.
  6. Working capital management.
  7. Long-term financial decisions.
  8. Risk and profitability: basic concepts.
  9. Cost of capital. Сapital structure decision-making.
  10. Measuring business value for shareholders.


  • Mastering the basics of budgeting and forecasting the company's financial needs.
  • Profit optimization.
  • Break-even analysis. Optimization of the structure of the product line.
  • Determining the cost of financing.
  • Understanding the structure of financial markets, the purpose and objectives of financial results.
  • Calculation and minimization of the cost of short-term loans.
  • Working capital management.
  • Analysis of investment projects. Mastering investment evaluation methods.

Key topics

  1. The nature of management accounting.
  2. Classification of costs for decision-making.
  3. Cost management concept. Cost behavior.
  4. Cost-volume-profit analysis. Break-even point.
  5. Managerial format of the profit and loss statement.
  6. Analysis of the sales structure and profitability of certain types of products.
  7. Pricing.
  8. Budgeting; types of budgets; general (master) budget.
  9. Responsibility centers.
  10. Financial control: financial performance indicators.
  11. Financial control tools: flexible budget and transfer pricing
  12. Segment reporting.
  13. Management control: non-financial performance indicators.
  14. Development of the management control system: a balanced system of activity indicators.


  • Cost management. Classification and evaluation of costs for accounting and management decision-making.
  • Formation of the company's financial results and their optimization.
  • Mastering the rules of forming reports on financial results.
  • Use of different pricing methods.
  • Conducting an extended analysis of sales profitability.
  • Calculating the cost of goods and services.
  • Formation of the financial structure and budget model of the company.
  • Planning and forecasting of income and expenses.
  • Application of a balanced system of indicators.
  • Application of transfer pricing tools and reporting on business segments for the purpose of control.

Skills after completing the program

After completing the «ACPM: Professional financial manager» program, the candidate has the following knowledge and skills:

  • Forecasting and formation of company budgets.
  • Application of various methods of planning and forecasting income and expenses, as well as alternative approaches to budgeting.
  • Formation of the financial structure and budget model of the company.
  • Cost management and profit optimization.
  • Classification of costs for accounting purposes and their evaluation for management decisions.
  • Break-even analysis and optimization of the structure of the product line.
  • Calculating the cost of goods and services.
  • Determining the cost of financing and working capital management. Understanding the structure and purpose of financial markets and financial results.
  • Optimizing the company's financial results. Forming reports on financial results.
  • Application of various pricing methods. Carrying out an extended sales profitability analysis to optimize the assortment and maximize profit.
  • Control of the results of the company's activities using management accounting tools.
  • Implementation and use of a balanced system of indicators of the company's activity.

Exam and diploma

Knowledge is tested by two online exams for each part of the program: "ACPM: Financial management" and "ACPM: Management accounting". Exams are held every month according to the schedule. Registration is required to participate in each exam.

The exam consists of a test and a practical part. One exam lasts 3 hours.

The passing score is 60 (maximum score - 100 points). The exam is conducted by administrators, and the completed assignments are checked and graded by ACPM-accredited instructors.

Each exam result is sent by email after 2-3 weeks. If a passing score is 60 or above, the ACPM International Diploma is sent electronically with the results.

After receiving diplomas in the Financial management and Management accounting programs, the candidate automatically receives the diploma of a professional financial manager "ACPM: Professional financial manager".

More about ACPM diplomas

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