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About us

The Academy of Certified Professional Managers (ACPM) is a British international academy for professional development of managers.
The Academy was founded in 2015 due to the active growth of the online environment and the changes in corporate business processes.

The digital future is approaching quicker than businesses can catch up with it. They need innovative experts who can help that future transform itself and continue working effectively.

The purpose of our academy is to organize these changes and to steer them into an current direction. We function as a platform of professional development for managers of any level--from stregthening basic knowledge and competencies to gaining a full set of digital skills.


  • Developing specialists which can implement their skills and talents in the current digital world.
  • Helping the organizations in their challenging job--to provide online advanced trainings to midle and upper managment.
  • Creating, controlling, and maintaining the high standards of the managerial profession in the digital market, which is rapidly changing.
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