Сourses of study

Professional development is aimed at improving and obtaining new competence, which is required for professional activity and improving skills in the existing speciality.

The purpose of advanced training is to update a specialist's professional knowledge (theoretical and practical skills). As a rule, every year new requirements, standards and technologies are introduced in the industries. Continuous professional development allows specialists to be always on trend and to implement only the most effective and efficient tools in their activities.

Modern professional development courses aim to teach managers to think independently, solve problems comprehensively, work in a team and competently manage their team, use modern approaches in the implementation of tasks, develop business promotion strategies and much more. The courses provide knowledge that goes beyond the scope of the position and creates in the student a desire to learn, to learn new things and to improve.

AСРM offers its students the most up-to-date training courses, we follow the world's innovations in management and digitalisation and share them with our students. The best methodologists, tutors-practitioners prepare the courses in such a way that in the shortest possible time students mastered the chosen direction and were able to immediately apply the acquired knowledge in practice, because we train and help to develop managers from all over the world, unite the best specialists in our community.

After completing the training, the student receives an electronic AСРМ certificate with the indication of hours.

Business data analysis in finance

Skills and techniques for taming finances and increasing profits


Innovation management

Building, launching and management of products, processes and relationships in high-risk environments


Finance for non-financiers

To learn the basics of working with reporting, analyzing and working with data


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