ACPM: Innovation management of the company

The "ACPM: Innovation management of the company" certification program is designed for those who want to become a modern, in-demand innovation manager. It allows one to learn how to optimize processes within the company and make its products more profitable and modern; implement new technologies, launch new projects and effective solutions, monitor their impact on the development and profit of the company.

The program is suitable for middle and senior managers, business owners, financial and other specialists who want to learn how to develop innovative solutions and effectively manage them.

Requirements for candidates

Completing the certification program does not require specific education or experience, but basic knowledge of management, economics, and finance will be an advantage.

Training program


Innovation and its role in business

  • Innovative companies
  • The process of creating innovations
  • Stages of creating new solutions
  • Innovation funnel


  • Understanding the mission, goals and main stages of creating innovations in the company.


Innovation strategy

  • Preparation for creating an innovation strategy
  • Determining the possibilities of the future
  • Defining a portfolio of innovations


  • Evaluation of the innovative climate and capabilities of the company.
  • Creating a business strategy to prepare an innovation strategy.
  • Defining the innovation portfolio (activities, team, budget, and success criteria).


Management of innovations

  • Approaches to the process of creating innovations
  • Measurement of innovative activity
  • The organizational structure of an innovative company
  • Innovative culture


  • Application of the main methods of creating innovations (Stage-Gate, Lean startup).
  • Formation of innovative teams and tracking of their performance by metrics.
  • Project evaluation and decision-making.
  • Selection of organizational structure.
  • Building a culture of innovation in the company.

Skills after completing the program

As a result of preparation for the "ACPM: Innovation management of the company" diploma exam, the candidate has the following knowledge and skills:

  • creating a strategy and innovation plan;
  • launching and improving new products, solutions, and projects;
  • managing the innovation team;
  • evaluating the effectiveness and success of innovations;
  • building and implementing innovative culture in the company.

Exam and diploma

Knowledge control takes place on an online exam. The official exam for the "ACPM: Business data analysis in finance" diploma is held monthly according to the schedule. Registration is required to participate in it.

The exam consists of a test and a practical part. The total duration of the exam is 2 hours. The passing score is 80 (maximum score - 100 points).

The exam is conducted by administrators, and the completed assignments are checked and graded by ACPM-accredited instructors.

The exam result is sent by email after 2-3 weeks. If a passing score is 80 or above, the ACPM International Diploma is sent electronically with the results.

More about ACPM diplomas

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