Procedure for accreditation of programmes in ACРM

1. Inquiry

Submit an inquiry using our online form. We always respond with a non-binding proposal tailored to your programme. We will work with you to determine a timeline for the accreditation process.

2. Creation of self-documentation

Customer-centred and flexible, our process takes about one month.

Self-documentation is the first step. To enable you to prepare your self-documentation (including relevant appendices ) in a focused and complete manner, we provide you with a detailed catalogue of questions and assessments for ACРM accreditation of educational programmes

3. Appointment of the expert group

For this purpose, we appoint a project manager and assemble a team of experts: representatives of science, professional practice, and ACРM staff.

4. Сommitment

Once we receive your self-documentation for formal verification, we will schedule a verification date together.

Validation with meaningful dialogues and interviews usually takes two to three days.

This can be done on-site, digitally, or hybrid.

5. Report preparation

The expert team then prepares the report. All quality requirements are documented in an understandable form.

The quality requirements are based on practicality, real business demands, and the validity of the competencies for each specialist's job description.

6. Authorization

To accredit a programme to the AСРM Quality Requirements, the AСРM Commission on Accreditation and Certification decides on your accreditation.

If your programme exceeds the quality indicators specified in the assessment criteria, we will present you with an AСРM award.

7. Publication

The report on the decision of the expert committee will be published in databases and on the official AСРM website

The report on the decision of the expert committee will be published in databases and on the official AСРM website

Finally, we celebrate your achievements with our internationally recognised certificate.

We are on your side throughout the accreditation process - even when necessary improvement measures are taken.

If your programme is denied accreditation, you can submit a complaint to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We look forward to receiving your inquiry.

AСРM is a trusted support for quality development.

We look forward to travelling this journey with you.

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