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ACPM Exam Registration

An ACPM diploma is a document that certifies the holder's qualifications in finance and digital-management. It can be obtained after successfully passing the official online exam in the chosen ACPM program.

The ACPM exam takes place online in Russian once a month. The schedule of exams by discipline can be found in your personal account after registering in ACPM.

Register in ACPM

Exam structure

The ACPM exam is an online exam with a proctoring system. You can take it from a computer under the remote supervision of the examiner (proctor). The proctor monitors the web-camera image and the candidate's desktop.

The exam tests the analytical and computational skills of a candidate. That is why it consists of two sections:

  • The theoretical section contains multiple-choice questions with one or several correct answers.
  • The practical section contains case studies or tasks to be solved.

The duration of the exam: 2-3 hours.

The passing score is 80 points or higher for Digital PM and 60 points or higher for other exams. The maximum score is 100 points.

The results are available within 2-3 weeks after the exam in your personal account and are sent to the email address you specified when you registered for ACPM.

An e-diploma is sent by e-mail on 2-3 weeks too if the required number of points is obtained.

Who can take the exam

There are no strict qualification requirements for diploma candidates. Registration for the ACPM exam requires a vocational school or a college diploma. You need to know the syllabus of the chosen discipline to be able to pass the exam.

How to register for the exam

To apply for the ACPM exam for the first time, you need to register in the system and access your personal account on the website.

To register for ACPM, you need to fill out a specific form:

  • enter personal data: your full name in Russian and English and your contact information (e-mail, phone number)
  • upload a scan of your ID (passport or driver's license)
  • enter the data about your education in the text field (specify the institution, enrollment and graduation dates, diplomas of other certifications (if any)
  • fill out a section about your work experience.

The personal account on the ACPM website will be available immediately after registration.

To register for the exam, you need to fill out an application on your personal account:

  • select an exam discipline from the drop-down list
  • choose a date for the exam from the available dates in the schedule
  • pay the registration fee or indicate the provider that you used to pay for the exam (if you paid through a provider, you need to inform the service administrator to check and confirm your application)
  • send the application for review.

The application is reviewed within five working days. You must register for the exam at least 14 days in advance to be able to take it. If registration is successful, you will receive a notification and the information about the exam will appear on your personal account. If the application was rejected, you will receive a message with clarification on registration.

Register in ACPM

Exam schedule

The ACPM exams are held once or twice a month on weekdays. The exam schedule for the next three months is available on your personal account. When registering for the exam, you can choose only one date out of the proposed dates.

ACPM Exam Schedule for 2023

Courses of study Exam Dates
  • Business data analysis in finance 
18.07, 22.08, 19.09, 24.10, 21.11, 19.12
  • Finance for non-financial professionals
20.07, 24.08, 21.09, 26.10, 23.11, 21.12
  • Innovation management of the company
21.07, 25.08, 22.09, 27.10, 24.11, 22.12
  • Managerial accounting, Internal control
11.07, 8.08, 12.09, 3.10, 7.11, 12.12
  • International accounting standards
12.07, 9.08, 13.09, 4.10, 8.11, 13.12
  • Financial management, Personnel accounting in Poland
13.07, 10.08, 14.09, 5.10, 9.11, 14.12
  • Internal audit, Accounting in Poland for Ukrainian specialists
14.07, 11.08, 15.09, 6.10, 10.11, 15.12

Technical requirements for taking the exam

The exam can only be taken on a computer; mobile devices are not supported.

The minimum system requirements for the computer:

  • Intel/AMD dual-core processor with 2.5 GHz frequency or higher
  • 4 GB RAM or higher
  • operating system — Microsoft Windows 8 or higher, Linux Ubuntu 16 or higher, Mac OS 10.12 or higher
  • the latest versions of Google Chrome, Opera and Yandex Browser
  • Internet speed from 20 Mbps (using cable connection instead of Wi-Fi is strongly advised for the optimal video and sound quality)
  • a web-camera, a microphone, headphones/a headset or speakers.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to pay for when registering for the exam?

You don’t have to pay for the registration in ACPM. You only need to pay the exam registration fee when you register for the exam.

When can I submit my application for the exam after I register in ACPM?

You can register for the exam any time after you get access to your personal account on the ACPM website. You don’t have to register in ACPM again to take further exams. Just choose the exam and the date on your personal account and pay the registration fee.

Can I reschedule the exam date after I submit the application?

Yes, for an additional fee. No fee is required in case of a viable reason (hospitalization or summons with a date of the exam, etc.) The document has to be provided within 7 days of the exam date.

Will I see the correct answers when I receive the results?

The feedback will not be provided, only the number of points received and whether the exam was passed or failed.

Can I retake the exam?

You can retake the exam in case you didn’t pass it. To retake it, you need to register for the exam again, select the closest date and pay the reduced registration fee. You can retake the exam unlimited times.

Do you still have questions?

All questions regarding the ACPM exam registration can be sent to our support team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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