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Our History

The history associated with the activities of the International Academy of Certified Professional Managers (ACPM) traces its origins back to the emergence of the first modern online learning and professional development technologies. Innovative technological solutions and e-learning have paved the way for harnessing the talents and professional skills of well-prepared individuals, irrespective of their geographical location, religion, physical capabilities, or other factors.
From trying to address the consequences of a crisis in business with the help of the community, to working on a professional level of managers. After only a little more than ten years, we have transformed from a group of like-minded people into an academy that maintains the standards of the managerial profession at a consistently high level.


Dark times

This year the Academy dedicated itself to supporting the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian professionals who have faced unprovoked and brutal attacks from the Russian Federation. The team directed its efforts towards developing programs that could support the situation of professionals from Ukraine. As a result, the Academy's lineup of developments included programs in the Polish direction – online courses on accounting and personnel accounting in Poland. The successes of graduates from these programs served as inspiration for new achievements and became a rewarding outcome for work.


Digital environment

ACPM continues its mission of training and developing managers to work effectively in companies in a digital environment. Academy members advise businesses and collect data to systematize new requirements for managers to develop relevant training programs.

The Honorable Richard Eric Lawrence Oliphant retires. The position of director of ACPM is taken by Anna Verba, CEO & Co-Founder of Aktiv Financial Academy.

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