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The ACPM utilizes the accreditation programme of training centres and companies that provide advanced trainings and additional education.

We offer you to gain the support of a British professional organization in order to become a member of a professional community and to reaffirm your goals and intentions with an official accreditation. It will show every client that expanding the career opportunities and strengthening professional positions of your managers is your top priority.

What is the ACPM accreditation

The ACPM accreditation is a seal of excellence, partnership and trust that is based on mutual goals and priorities. It is a document that reaffirms the right to conduct training courses for managers of any level according to the ACPM curriculum and to help prepare for ACPM exams. 

Programmes available for the accreditation:

Accreditation as a training center in ACPM “Registered learning partner”


Accreditation as an ACPM service provider


Accreditation of the program and examination


What can the ACPM accreditation give you

a place in the international list of officially accredited providers of the Academy

special offers for the exams and additional programmes for graduates

it increases the level of clients’ trust to the company

it helps expand the product line

it enables the use of ACPM programmes to develop your own courses and trainings on ACPM exam preparation

a wide range of support for promotion and popularisation of ACPM diplomas

Your responsibilities as an accredited provider

As an accredited provider of ACPM programmes, you will receive a list of teaching materials. Within the framework of the accreditation, you will be required to participate in different ACPM events and provide informational and other support upon request from the Academy.

Accreditation renewal

To renew your accreditation, you need to contact the Academy one month prior to its expiration date. You need to report on the success rate of your graduates and on the events that you organized to promote ACPM diplomas to managers as well as training centers.
If your report is acceptable, the accreditation will be renewed within two weeks from the date of application submission.

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