Regulations and criteria for accreditation of the program and examination

To apply for quality assurance for one of your courses/programs/exams, you need to fill out the form below. The form requires you to provide additional information regarding the content of your course, assessment method, and demand for the course. The completed form must be sent to ACPM. Once received, your application will be assessed by the ACPM Quality Assurance Team, which will evaluate the course and create a report on the review and moderation process that ACPM will undertake to verify the quality of your course and its exam.

The Program accreditation period is 12 months.

Every year, beginning after the first year of accreditation, one calendar month before each completed 12-month calendar period, you will be required to submit an updated program to ACPM to renew its accreditation. In this case, ACPM has the right to request all relevant course records, which must be submitted for verification.

The author of a program that is submitted for approval may use the ACPM brand in relation to his program only after accreditation by the ACPM and exclusively during the period of validity of the Program’s accreditation.

The program submitted for approval must contain:

  1. Name
  2. A qualification awarded to a student after completing training and successfully passing an exam
  3. Number of hours (at least 40 academic hours)
  4. Program level (operational, strategic, etc.)
  5. Detailed description of the program content
  6. Skills that the student will have after completing the training
  7. Availability of intermediate testing during the training process
  8. Mock exam

Qualifying exam.

Examination tasks are also subject to accreditation by the ACPM, and the cost of the registration fee will not be charged additionally.

Exam requirements:

  1. Name
  2. Exam questions must be clearly formulated and understandable
  3. Tests (of varying difficulty levels) and practical part
  4. Total points 100, passing score -55
  5. The duration of the exam is at least 3 hours

The exam takes place online. The exam is organized, conducted, and checked exclusively by ACPM.

Upon successful passing of the exam in a program accredited by ACPM, the student will be entitled to receive an ACPM Diploma in this program. The responsibilities of the center that accredits the ACPM program include handing over the Diploma directly to the final student.

Once the program's accreditation is confirmed, you will be issued a certificate.

An example of a certificate - we place an example next to it.

ACPM considers each program accreditation form carefully and individually. If any criterion required by ACPM for the program and exam is missing, you have the right to justify its absence, complete the form, and your application will be duly considered!

Attention! A prerequisite for accreditation of the program and exam is that you must obtain accreditation from “The official representative of ACPM”.

If you have any questions about the accreditation procedure, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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