ACPM: Business data analysis in finance

The basis of the "ACPM: Business data analysis in finance" certification program is modern digital skills and tools for managing the company's transformation process, its financial flows, and resources in new conditions.

The program is designed for financial specialists, as well as managers and analysts who are responsible for the effectiveness of business planning in the company, and who aspire to become certified specialists in business analysis and digital transformation of the company.

The program covers a wide pool of topics, which allows you to simultaneously master the basics of the digital economy and modern digital tools for working with data.

Requirements for candidates

Basic education in the field of economics and finance is required for advanced training under this program.

Training program


Microsoft Power BI for Finance:

  • Basics of data analysis in Microsoft Power BI.
  • Basics of budgeting in Power BI.
  • Cases: budget rate, plan-fact, business plan.


  • Understanding of principles of data analysis and its practical use.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Power BI tools.
  • Formation and analysis of the business budget in Power BI.
  • Construction of «plan-fact» charts, business plan.


CFO digital transformation:

  • Basics of digital economy.
  • CFO transformation to digit.
  • Cases: Cash flow budget, debtors, sales analysis.


  • Mastering the basics of the digital economy
  • Mastery of basic CFO transformation skills.
  • Preparation of the cash flow budget.
  • Analysis of account receivables, sales efficiency.



Modern visualization in finance using Microsoft PowerBI:

  • Finance in the art of visualization. Charts and dashboards.
  • Modern visualization in PowerBI. Data analysis techniques for visualization.
  • Increasing the efficiency and clarity of visualizations.
  • Cases: Internet advertising, sales.


  • Building charts and dashboards in Power BI.
  • Analysis of Internet advertising and sales in various business sectors.



Planning for financiers in the digital age:

  • Goals and criteria of modern planning
  • Key points of financial plans
  • Transformation of planning tasks in the digital era
  • The culture of data using by financiers
  • Cases: planning sales on the Internet, planning sales.


  • Business planning.
  • Transformation of planning tasks.
  • Integration of plans and budgets.
  • Sales and cost planning.



Practical use of business analysis:

  • What is practical business analysis and why is it important for business.
  • What you need to know in terms of practical business analysis.
  • Business analytics cases.


  • Practical use of business planning for various tasks.
  • Using data for business analysis.

Skills after completing the program

As a result of preparation for the "ACPM: Business data analysis in finance" diploma exam, the candidate has the following knowledge and skills:

  • Financial management in the digital era. Understanding the basics of the digital economy and the differences between its approaches and classical business management.
  • Business data analysis and financial reporting using digital decision-making tools.
  • Business planning and budgeting of company resources.
  • Applying business analysis to budget planning, profit optimization, quality sales and profit analysis to improve business performance. Using BI tools to analyze financial indicators and increase them.
  • Confident work in Microsoft Power BI: analysis of sales, Internet advertising, financial reports, budgeting. Construction of charts and dashboards.
  • Practical use of data and business analysis in BI systems.

Exam and diploma

Knowledge control takes place on an online exam. The official exam for the "ACPM: Business data analysis in finance" diploma is held monthly according to the schedule. Registration is required to participate in it.

The exam consists of a test and a practical part. The total duration of the exam is 2 hours. The passing score is 80 (maximum score - 100 points).

The exam is conducted by administrators, and the completed assignments are checked and graded by ACPM-accredited instructors.

The exam result is sent by email after 2-3 weeks. If a passing score is 80 or above, the ACPM International Diploma is sent electronically with the results.

More about ACPM diplomas

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