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ACPM develops a number of programs for management specialists

ACPM develops a number of programs for management specialists

The labor market is becoming increasingly demanding of management skills. The ability to work with financial accounting according to international standards, predict risks, and implement innovations - all these points are indicated in the vacancies of large companies for CEOs, CFOs, and other top managers.

In addition to the existing skill set, there are skills directly related to working during a pandemic. According to the Future of Jobs Survey 2020 by the World Economic Forum, there is a group of cross-functional skills that will be in high demand by 2025: engineering, cloud computing, and data analytics. Over 90% of employers also expect personal development skills from managers, including critical thinking, self-management skills, adaptability, and a willingness to learn.

According to experts, the labor market still experiences a shortage of managerial specialists who can combine all these technical, financial, managerial, and flexible personal skills. Therefore, we plan to continue to support management in obtaining quality education and improving their qualifications in these areas. And also to develop new directions in education.

The team at ACPM has already begun developing several certification programs for managers this year:

1. An innovation management program that will help professionals learn to generate innovative solutions for business development, launch new projects, assess their profitability and effectiveness, and effectively manage teams for their implementation.

2. A comprehensive program for executives that covers a wide range of knowledge in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), managerial accounting, internal auditing, and team management. This program is suitable for mid- to senior-level managers who are responsible for developing financial and business strategies, making managerial and investment decisions in companies, and seeking new tools and methods for business growth.

As the business environment remains unstable due to quarantine measures, managers will require ongoing updates and deepening of their knowledge. The broader the skill set managers possess, the more effective their decision-making will be on the ground. The new programs offered by ACPM will help managers acquire this knowledge, and companies will be able to meet the demand for skilled managers faster, ensuring long-term business productivity.


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