ACPM welcomes the new director

ACPM welcomes the new director

On August 27, 2021, there were changes in the management team of ACPM. Richard Eric Lawrence Oliphant stepped down from his position as the director of the Academy. Hanna Verba, CEO & Co-Founder of the Financial Academy Aktiv assumed the position of the director.

The Academy of Certified Professional Managers has fruitfully cooperated with the Activ Financial Academy as a partner and training provider since its inception. In order to develop the community in Eastern Europe together with representatives of the Aktiv Financial Academy, profile meetings were held. Additionally, training programs and web resources have been developed to support the activities of ACPM.

Over the past few years, Mr. Richard Eric Lawrence Oliphant has contributed greatly to the work of the Academy and helped it adapt to new realities during the pandemic. In August, he resigned as the head of the Academy and retired. ACPM came under the leadership of the co-founder of the Aktiv Financial Academy, Hanna Verba.

Hanna, as the new chairman, plans to follow the chosen course of ACPM — to continue implementing the Academy's plans to expand the audience and introduce innovations in the professional education of managers.

"ACPM should become a leader in professional training, in spreading knowledge about making financial and management decisions in order to promote business development and healthy financial practices in companies. Our goal is to equip professionals in the field of finance with modern skills and tools that will help managers fulfill their duties and promote the development of the companies in which they work," - Hanna Verba, the new director of ACPM, emphasized the main goal of the Academy.


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