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The blockchain technology has been implemented in the Academy

The blockchain technology has been implemented in the Academy

Blockchain technology has been implemented as an additional layer of protection and as a tool for presenting the knowledge and skills of professionals. At the quarterly members meeting of the Academy of Certified Professional Managers, which took place in a remote format, a decision was made to introduce blockchain technology to protect diplomas. This decision aligns completely with the stated mission of the Academy – to help every professional maximize their potential at the international level with the help of the most modern digital tools.

Why does the Academy use blockchain for diploma protection?

The Academy tracks and considers all technologies and solutions that can benefit modern managers, their development, and career building. This technology has proven itself well in many fields, validated by reputable market players, and serves as a reliable tool for solving modern tasks. Most of the meeting members supported the proposal to implement blockchain technology in the Academy due to its high marketing potential and security capabilities.

Each diploma secured with a blockchain number guarantees its authenticity. Not only does this protect the professional image of diploma holders, but it also assures employers anywhere in the world that the claimed hard-earned skills of the candidates are genuine.

So, blockchain-protected diplomas serve two purposes:

  • Guarantee of Authenticity: Each diploma and certificate with blockchain protection contains a unique document number. Anyone can verify the document using this number on a special page. This is particularly important for those who care about protecting their professional image and those who want to check the reliability of specialists quickly.

  • Digital Presentation: The blockchain number that protects the diploma or certificate not only confirms the authenticity of the document but also includes a brief history of the path to its acquisition. And this is already a small digital presentation of the owner's knowledge and skills.

Diplomas and certificates with blockchain protection and a link to the verification page are an elegant demonstration that the owner is actively working on his qualifications and keeping up with the times. Electronic versions can easily be added to a LinkedIn profile or attached to a resume, serving as silent assurances for their owner. This is precisely what the Academy and its members aim to teach their members and all diploma holders from ACPM – to integrate professional experience with the opportunities provided by digital technologies.

What is blockchain

Blockchain (or blockchain technology) is a distributed database that stores information in blocks. Each event is recorded separately and added in chronological order, forming a chain. Each block contains data from the previous block, as well as its data and a timestamp. This structure provides security and immutability to the blockchain.

The main advantages of blockchain:

  • Decentralization. Information in the blockchain is stored on different computers (nodes) rather than in a centralized data processing center. This makes the system less vulnerable to attacks and increases reliability.

  • Immutability of data: Each block is linked to the previous one through a hash function (algorithm), ensuring the reliability of the information in each block. If someone attempts to alter data in previous blocks, it will change the hash and disrupt the blockchain's consistency.

  • Transparency: All network participants have access to the same version of the blockchain, ensuring a high level of transparency and openness.

  • Enhanced security: Cryptographic protection methods and a decentralized structure make blockchain less susceptible to cyber attacks.

  • Speed and efficiency: Some blockchains can provide high transaction speeds and efficiency, especially compared to traditional centralized systems.

The ACPM team plans to develop a number of programs and implement solutions that will contribute to the professional development of managers and help meet business requirements.


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