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"Digital-CFO" is a new diploma on financial management in the digital age

"Digital-CFO" is a new diploma on financial management in the digital age

Summarizing the results of the year at the last meeting, the ACPM team announced a new certification program that will combine two important blocks: business analytics and project management.

"We have refined and combined two courses into one to provide even more knowledge and benefits to financial managers responsible for digital initiatives in companies," said George Wharton, the head of the academy, during the meeting. "Work in finance is dynamic and requires constant development. Due to the global digitalization of business, the skill set of financial directors has significantly expanded, including data analysis, financial modeling and forecasting, cybersecurity, and more. Businesses are increasingly seeking innovative CFOs who understand data, digital technologies, and can easily manage them. We plan to provide this knowledge to managers who aspire to succeed in the digital era."

The "Digital-CFO" certification program is designed specifically for financial specialists, as well as company managers who are responsible for the process of business transformation. It will help CFOs combine financial and digital skills to achieve new career successes.

The program consists of two parts, allowing participants to simultaneously delve into the basics of the digital economy and learn:

  • Managing finances using digital technologies

  • Analyzing business data and creating financial reports based on them

  • Working with Microsoft Power BI tools for business analysis, planning, and budgeting

  • Applying digital tools to control and enhance financial performance

  • Launching innovative projects and managing transformation processes within the company

Upon completing the "Digital-CFO" program from our academy and passing two exams, candidates will receive a comprehensive diploma that serves as confirmation of their qualification as a digital financial director.


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