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New Certification Programs in Accounting and Personnel Accounting in Poland

New Certification Programs in Accounting and Personnel Accounting in Poland

The Academy of Certified Professional Managers has developed two new certification programs in accounting and personnel accounting specifically for Ukrainian professionals who have been forced to relocate to Poland due to Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The certification programs are designed for practicing professionals and allow for both retraining and continuing work in Poland in their respective fields. The programs are bilingual, which facilitates the understanding of the material and expedites the transition of professionals to the Polish language.

  • Accounting in Poland ("ACPM: Accountant in-demand in Poland") is a certification program that covers the theory and practice of accounting in Poland, its basic principles, concepts and norms. Allows you to familiarize yourself with legislative acts, principles of taxation, understand the theory and practice of the work of an accountant in Poland. After completing the training program, candidates can obtain the ACPM diploma after passing an online exam to confirm their qualifications and get a job in the accounting department of a Polish company or an accounting office.

  • Personnel accounting in Poland is a certification program for specialists who already have experience working with personnel and want to adapt it to Polish realities. The program covers the regulatory framework and the practical side of keeping personnel records in Polish companies, and allows you to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of interaction with state funds and control bodies. At the end of the training, candidates are expected to take an online exam to obtain a diploma, which will serve as confirmation of a sufficient professional level for employment.

These programs can be completed through the training provider, Aktiv Financial Academy. Examinations for the certification programs will be held monthly according to the schedule, and they can also be taken at the training center. The session results will be published on the ACPM website in the autumn.


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