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The PMF community becomes the Academy of Certified Professional Managers.

The PMF community becomes the Academy of Certified Professional Managers.

The Professional Managers of Future (PMF) community, which has existed for over 6 years, has changed its name and is now known as the Academy of Certified Professional Managers (ACPM). Our Academy aims to help improve the quality of professional management in British companies and provide high-quality additional education to professionals in the fields of finance and management.

The creation of the Academy was a gradual process for the members of the PMF community. 

  • In 2009, we felt the need to bring together top managers and business owners to overcome the financial consequences of the global crisis. Since then, our PMF community has been focused on the development of management and monitoring government initiatives aimed at the recovery of the economy and business in the United Kingdom.

  • The PMF team opened an office in Tech City UK, and according to the community leader, George Walton, the constant contact with technology companies and startups has contributed to the productivity of the community's work and inspired change. 

  • In June, we gathered like-minded individuals, government representatives, and industry experts in professional education to assess the needs of businesses and collaborate in enhancing the quality of management and financial functions in companies.

Among the main reasons for the community's reformation was the search for methods to improve the state of British management, which had an impact on the position of the United Kingdom in the Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 by The World Economic Forum. Compared to the previous report, the country has risen from the tenth to the ninth position.

Representatives of the PMF community have previously held meetings with residents of the Tech City cluster and reached an agreement that improving the economy of the United Kingdom is also possible through the enhancement of managerial qualifications.

"In the Global Competitiveness Report by the World Economic Forum for 2013-2014, the United Kingdom ranked tenth. This is an alarming signal that our country's economy has not yet recovered," commented Michael Morg, one of the leaders of the PMF community. "We decided to seek support from our neighbors in Tech City to find a solution. All we can do as a community is to set a new level of professionalism for middle and senior managers. We will not only establish professional standards, we'll back them up with educational materials so that those who are ready to change have something to lean on in the process".

The residents of the Tech City cluster congratulated the members of ACPM on the start of their activities and assured them of their readiness for cooperation and support. "My colleagues and I have known about the work of PMF for several years, and we are delighted to see the community's growth," commented David Ireland, the lead developer of the IT company LShift. "I believe that this is not just a change in format or name, but a new direction for the community's work that will contribute to the development of management in Britain. Our company specializes in consulting, and for many years, we have witnessed the growth of business in the Internet technology sector. Management is a little behind, but I am glad that such communities are emerging and ready to engage in education and quality control of personnel whose work affects the state of companies. We are open to communication and knowledge exchange, and together we can accelerate this evolution."

Our goal as a professional organization is to help professionals enhance their efficiency and acquire skills that meet modern challenges. One of our main areas of work is collaboration with companies and the overall business environment. We believe this will lead to increased productivity, innovation, and competitiveness of British businesses.

The Academy of Certified Professional Managers is open to collaboration with all stakeholders to achieve success together.


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