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Why the recovery of the economy depends on the quality of management in companies

Why the recovery of the economy depends on the quality of management in companies

On March 18, the Academy of Certified Professional Managers held a meeting with entrepreneurs and managers regarding significant changes in the country — the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union and the upcoming referendum in June on this matter. During the meeting, ACPM discussed the potential consequences of this event for businesses and announced the development of the academy's first educational program on project management.

"These are unstable times, as Britain may leave the European Union. This news has already affected the national currency, and a referendum is still ahead. Regardless of what happens next, we, along with colleagues and like-minded individuals, want to contribute to strengthening the business positions during this period. The planning horizon is narrowing, and now managers have to rely on short-term planning and adapt to project management. While such measures may harm long-term planning, they will allow us to preserve what has already been established and wait out the period of change," reported George Wharton, one of the academy's leaders, regarding the meeting's outcomes.

The academy members and all involved parties have concluded that geopolitics, as always, greatly influences business. While businesses cannot directly oppose it, they can prepare for any development in order not to miss out on potential advantages.

To achieve this, it is necessary to:

- Minimize costs and risks during project launches.

- Optimize resources and time to accomplish specific tasks.

- Utilize new tools to increase project profitability.

The new educational program will encompass all these points and help managers acquire the necessary skills and project management tools in a short period through practical examples. Business owners and industry experts will have the opportunity to contribute to the program's development committee. The transition from strategic to project management will enhance the flexibility and maneuverability of companies. But the success of its implementation will depend entirely on the qualifications of the managers, which is a focal point for ACPM.


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