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  • ACPM begins the process of accreditation of educational centers

ACPM begins the process of accreditation of educational centers

ACPM begins the process of accreditation of educational centers

On June 28, 2020, members of ACPM held an online meeting with representatives of European training centers and entrepreneurs. The purpose of the meeting was to establish partnership contacts and get to know like-minded people who determine the scope of additional training for financial specialists and managers.

Educational centers working on improving the qualifications of management of various levels and fields shared their experience and mechanisms of interaction with them. All participants received a pool of ideas about working in new conditions.

  • Representatives from educational centers in Europe and Asia discussed the negative consequences of the pandemic for the education sector and ways to address them. On one hand, the global lockdown demonstrated that people can work and learn productively from anywhere in the world, and the professionalism of managers has only deepened in the new conditions. However, there are still questions that need to be addressed, such as the accessibility of remote learning, the emerging demands from managers, the relevance of educational programs, and more.

  • A representative of Aktiv Financial Academy, a training center and our long-standing partner from Eastern Europe, offered extensive support on all issues of professional development in the online format.

  • Training centers from France, Poland, and the Czech Republic have approved the ACPM partnership proposal for consideration.

Following the meeting, ACPM decided to develop a plan for cooperation with educational centers in Europe and Asia to expand the partner network. This step should help establish an operational connection with colleagues from other countries to collect data and quickly respond to business requirements regarding the professional level of specialists. They also decided to create a system of accreditation of educational institutions that help business and the market to keep the qualifications of managers at the appropriate level.

"The current global situation has demonstrated the importance of unity and coordinated actions. Ten years ago, during the crisis that shuffled all the cards, my colleagues and I realized this. Dealing with the consequences of catastrophes, working on new tasks, and preparing for changes in any field requires collaboration. Fortunately, the internet and various collaborative software allow us to continue our operations without violating quarantine measures. They also help us connect with like-minded individuals beyond the borders of the United Kingdom, exchange unique experiences and knowledge, and work towards common goals. We have met colleagues from Europe and look forward to further productive engagement," stated Richard Eric Lawrence Oliphant, the director of ACPM.


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